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Alright, this is the Sonic Shippers Claiming Community.
You can:
1. Claim any ships in everything Sonic, including games, the cartoons, the anime and the comics and even AnimeRealityShips.
2.Advertise it in your profile.
3. Show it off to your LiveJournal mates XD
4. Talk about them and post pics. (as long as theres no hentai/porn)

You Cant:
1. Constantly spam...not alowed.
2. Bash ships.
3. Fight over ships

You must:
1. Join the community first
2. Post your claim like this: (Shipping Name) (Official or non official)- (Son Char1) x (Son Char2) - (your username)
3. Then put advertise and put your claim in your user info like this - I have claimed (name of ship) at sonships_claims
4. Have fun!

http://community.livejournal.com/sonships_claims/272.html?mode=reply - Claims

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